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Text editing single character in 2.10 - default
Can someone tell me the best way to edit text in 2.10?

For example

I have a text layer with a single number "9" in it, at size 28px  with a custom colour. I click on the layer, select "edit text on canvas"  and delete the number "9" and replace it with a "4".   The number 4 is at size 18px in black.

Is there a way of keeping the size and colour I had chosen instead of reverting to a default each time?
1) Select the text layer
2) Select the Text Tool and click on the text
3) Delete the 9, type 4
4) Select another tool eg Move Tool, or Measure Tool
Done, text retains colour and size.

The tool options below the tool box is "global" for that text.
The on canvas editing is for selected characters only.
This is the subject of a bug report but not liable to be fixed soon. (this one )

What you might have is this: check this screenshot: top to bottom

The '9' size 28 px colour red. text tool properties (global) 18 px black. The text cursor is to the right of the nine.

Move the text cursor to the left of the '9' and the properties in the on-canvas text is how you started 18 px black.

Delete the '9' and that leaves anything typed as 18 px black.

The workaround, if that is what you can call it, is keep the cursor away from that starting position.


Put the cursor to the right of the 9, properties 28 px red, type in a 4 still 28 px red.
Move the cursor to between 9 and 4
Delete the 9 ( move the cursor back to right if you want).

You hit on the one instance where this is particularly noticeable, a single character. Replace a character in the middle of some text and there is no problem.
Yep, have had this issue with the 'global' vs 'layer'/'selected' text settings too. Got into the habit of just using the workaround of typing the 4 after the 9 - which keeps the same settings as the 9 - then deleting the 9.
Thanks Rich and Zorba for the confirmation and also the workaround.  

Thanks Rich for taking the time to do the screen shots.  Really helpful! 

 Just tried the workaround and it works perfectly. I'll remember to do that from now on.

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