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Unpacking archived Gimp resources - scripts - brushes - plugins
Windows file manager is not the most wonderful tool around when it comes to handling Gimp 2.10 resources.

First there is the Gimp profile location which is in a hidden folder. Then basic Windows only opens zip archives.

Improve the situation with a 2-pane file manager. There are plenty around. A search and I hit this straight away.

So a demo with what I might use, both free-to-use software.

7-ZIP - very basic as a file manager, which might be a good thing

DoubleCommander - a little more sophisticated -

Demonstrating with various archive types

First regular Windows and a zip file then 7-zip, finally Double commander.

direct link:  5 and a half minutes duration.
Thanks for the file extraction demo rich2005.

7zip is my preferred file extractor application.
I haven't gone over to 2.10 yet, but I'm gearing up for the inevitable switch.
By trying to gather as much info as I can beforehand.

Wallace  Big Grin

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