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Using GIMP 2.8.22, Repositioned image disappears!
(07-23-2022, 12:06 AM)zeuspaul Wrote: I am confused.  Try file/new and create an image large enough to encapsulate all of your images.  Then file/open as layers and open the images you want to reposition.
Hmmm...... Ok, trying that on my test image....
You can see the extent of the canvas if you zoom to 100%. If you want a *white box* representing the size of the canvas then create a new layer. You want the *white box* as the background layer so you have to make it the lowest layer otherwise it will cover other layers. Or if the white box is a layer and it doesn't fill the canvas then you can scale the *white box* layer to the size of the canvas.
Actually all zoom levels let you see the extent of the canvas. For a view without having to scroll select zoom levels less than 100%, depends on size of canvas.

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