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Quote:...When I run gmic_gimp_qt.exe, there are files missing, and won't open anything but error messages saying that files were missing, and when I tried running copy of "ffmpeg.exe" added to the program folder, it did the same thing. Could you please send me the missing files for Gmic?:

You are better off trying to find what you did wrong. The most likely cause for the gmic problem is the latest version (2.9.7) is for Gimp 2.10.24. If you use an earlier version of Gimp, use the previous gmic_gimp_qt Then there is the Windows ffmpeg. Easiest way is get the static (single file) version and slip it into the gmic_gimp_qt folder.

Quote:2. How do I use .PY files? I tried copying the code to Python-Fu, I tried double clicking the .PY file, I tried Googling an app to open it, i tried using Command Prompt, I tried using several different Python apps, and the d+++ thing won't work. The file is here; but I literally had to go to and ask if they could convert it to exe, because what am I supposed to do at this point? This type of file is frustrating me, and I just want it to open and run. HELP‽

For Gimp python plugins, these are not stand-alone. They go in the Gimp User profile folder and are accessed from the Gimp menu structure. Location varies with plugin.

DeepFaceDrawing-Jitto is nothing to do with Gimp. The web page states the requirements: System - Ubuntu 16.04 or later - NVIDIA GPU + CUDA 9.2 Software - Python 3.7. I cannot use that, Windows, no nVidia graphics, no python 3.7 available. Generally though you would run a stand-alone python application from a terminal with a command python3

Quote:Is it possible to load all frames as one picture like the GIF setting does?

However you got your individual images, you can open all as layers File -> Open as Layers selecting the range you need. For video there is a practical issue, the number of frames. If 50 or 60 you might get away with it. Hundreds, then either at best very slow, at worst a crash. GAP mentioned earlier is very old. If you want advice ask a question on where there is a GAP user.

Some possibilities in a video: duration 8 minutes
1. Opening a video file, as layers in Gimp using gmic_gimp_qt + ffmpeg.
2. Add effect to individual images (frames) using Gimp, gmic_gimp_qt and BIMP
A very-very slow process. Never bothered me. Twenty years ago I used make video CD's (VCD) prior to DVD. Used to render 60 minutes of lightly-compressed avi files to mpeg video overnight. Set it going, come back in the morning Wink

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