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Wacom Tablet Not showing in Input Devices
(10-03-2023, 12:11 AM)patrwe Wrote: Hi I have the same problem with Wacom Tablet Not showing in Input Devices, but my situation is a bit different: GIMP did detect Wacom in Input Devices but recently I installed a new SSD for more storage space on my laptop. Then I start transfering files and folders over to the new drive from the main OS drive to free up space for the OS. I am not that good with tech stuff, just some average computer wizardry from Youtube and I think i did something wrong. After transfering, the 1st thing I noticed was that my brush preferences was gone. It seem that when i cut and paste gimp onto the new drive all of the files that rely on the old pathing to that folder I moved was messed up, that was an easy fix for me i just updated the path to the new folder location of where I store all my downloaded custom brushes. But for devices I have no idea how to fix that. Im using Window 11, Gimp version 2.10.34

Nvm I did what Trackon did and it worked, ty

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