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What happened to the old palettes (.gpl files)

I start by saying that I'm kinda a newbie with (gimp) palettes

When I created palettes until 2.8 version the colors were stored in gimp 2.8 ->palettes, it was useful as I could copy them for back-up purposes or migrate them in another machine like a laptop, but since version 2.10, I can't find the new palettes I created with the latest gimp anywhere, I used search function many times and only the old ones are still there. What when I have to change my PC soon and I want to import the colors from 2.10 to the new machine?

I tried export option: working only .txt and .css extensions, with the other formats gimp says error during the process

Import: nothing of the two remaining above is working, gimp says there isn't any color to import...

I tried to export an indexed .png and import colors from there (so I can use pngs as backup and for migration) but gimp says that the palette is unknown...

As far as I can tell the palettes are still i the same place in the Profile (but of course the profile has moved between 2.8 and 2.10). Use Edit>Preferences>Folders>Palettes to see where Gimp keeps your palettes.
Btw, my PC has 2 account profiles if this makes a difference and I've Windows 7.

I went to c:/programs/GIMP 2
searched for "palettes" and I found only the default ones (from Bears.gpl to Web.gpl) at
C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\share\gimp\2.0\palettes
I must have done already this search months ago with the same results

Then I typed "palettes" from Windows start button and my system found 2 outdated folders from .gimp.2.8 where the newest palettes are missing (the ones I used for back up and migration purposes).
I also searched several times the name of the last palette I've done, both with Windows start button and with the search files option from C: but with no results.
Ofnuts was referring to this one, the Gimp 2.10 default User folder for palettes


Exact location will show in Edit -> Preferences -> Folders -> Palettes

[Image: mZDRSnW.jpg]

Appdata in Windows is a hidden folder see:
Thank you both, I'm sorry to have wasted your time because I found this solution by myself just 22 minutes ago when you submitted your solution, that's exactly the location

I was too hasty to submit my previous message while my very slow PC was still searching for the palette name to find that location directly from C: (the search engine in start windows isn't as effective), but as I did this search in the past with no findings, I was sure about a negative result again  Huh

I don't think this folder with palettes was missing in previous 2.10 versions otherwise they wouldn't have been available in the GUI, and I didn't mistype the keyword, I'm baffled

Can I delete ".gimp-2.8" folder?
(02-11-2019, 11:42 AM)M.V. Wrote: I don't think this folder with palettes was missing in previous 2.10 versions otherwise they wouldn't have been available in the GUI, and I didn't mistype the keyword, I'm baffled

Was this in Windows 7? Microsoft got the search feature in Windows 7 very badly wrong. It was never fixed in the time that I was using Windows 7.

If you want to search for the word "palette" you can't just type "palette" in the explorer search field. You need to enter this:

Fixed in Windows 10
(02-11-2019, 11:42 AM)M.V. Wrote: Can I delete ".gimp-2.8" folder?

Depends what is in it. Gimp 2.10 on first run, when it creates the Gimp 2.10 user profile, copies resources (brushes, patterns etc) from the .gimp-2.8 folders.

Best way is back it up somewhere safe in case you ever need it again.
Yep, Windows 7 here, and to be on the safe zone I'll keep that Gimp 2.8 folder.

Thank you all again!

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