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What type of music do you listen to (genre, artists, songs)?
About in that order:
  • Folk music (traditional or not) from the British Isles and North America (and some from the rest of Europe)
  • Rock (Rockabilly to Metal)
  • Blues
  • Classical (up to the 50s)
  • Country (when it doesn't fall into the self-caricature it has become) and the fuzzy genre called "Americana".
  • Jazz (up to the 60s)

Since I am a fairly eclectic person it could be faster to define what I don't like:
  • Music I can't whistle (Rap, free jazz, modern classical)
  • Singers (i.e. music where the singer is more important than the music, the lyrics, and the accompanying band). There are exceptions, but not in he R&B genre.

Favorite artists: a whole graveyard of them... Lemme see who is not dead yet: Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Mark Knopfler
Since I mostly watch anime, then J-Pop. I also listen to other rock bands like Queen or Green Day
I like to listen to Radio Caroline sending music from the ship Ross Revenge located in the River Blackwater, Bradwell-on-Sea. Specilally when they play the top 15 every day, also songs from LP's that I never heard on the radio. When I'm in my mancave, I like to listen to (hard / metal) rock.
I just listen the radio, other than that I don't care what type of music it is, if I like the tempo, that's all good, if I don't like I just switch radio. Wink

I should say I like very-very much this new version of "the sound of silence", I found the crescendo up to the end very... trippy, Disturbed did it way better than Simon and Garfunkel IMO (don't kill me, please don't! It's just about taste and colors, you don't have to kill me for that Big Grin )

I generally listen to Rock & Pop. Some of the artists I listen to are The Police, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Queen, etc.
I listen to a lot of things, especially love mobile ringtones
I liked that version of the Sounds of Silence by Disturbed at #5. It's also on UTube. I'm glad I was born before industrial-style body piercing got to be popular Undecided
Sounds of Silence - good song. I had to listen to this one because I like the song. He does do it good, especially if you listen with your eyes closed.

Last time I listened to it (Thought it was the same artist) was when it was put to the burnt/burning of Australia video a couple years ago

(05-23-2023, 02:27 PM)WallaceBurns Wrote: I listen to a lot of things, especially love free ringtone

I also like many genres of music, instrumental music is great

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