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Width of the boundary area
Hi all.

I am trying to use the Gimp to create icons for CAD.
Icns for CAD are very  small, 16 or 32 pix, and often linear.
First, I drew the desired shape in CAD, reproduced this as a png shape of about 500 pix, and
then reduced the layer to 32 pix in Gimp.
However, it doesn't work because the color boundaries are blurred.
Is there any way to ajust the width of the boundary when shrinking the layer?

Thank you
There are no "boundaries". Gimp interpolates pixels when scaling, when scaling down this interpolation is pretty close to an average.

Since your CAD is likely vector graphics you will likely get a better result by producing the 32x32 and 16x16 icons directly

Bu there is no way you are going to get a clean 16x16 image by scaling a big one. The requirements for such small images are very different from regular images: you need a simple design and more contrast... So you have better design a 32x32 icon directly.
I understand.
Thank you very much.

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