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Win10 Text Tool Not Working Right
I cannot change font size or font or bold...

Everything seems alright. I get the rectangular box that turns into a box with a box at each corner.. I write some text... I have the text layer selected..

But I can't do anything with the text.

It all should happen immediately, right? Chang font size it should change right there on already written text? Change font, written text should change?

None of that happens. In fact I can't change the font for a new line of text.

I in fact don't get a drop down list of fonts to choose from. Maybe the problem is there somewhere: it has no fonts?

What can I do?
The on-canvas dialog applies to the selected text, like in a word processor, and not to all the text.

Otherwise please attach a screenshot?
If you post a screenshot, please include all of the Gimp window and not just part of it.

Something like this in Win10 64bit: showing (1) text tool options (2) the on canvas text tool.

Some options, Clicking on the text tool options font icon should give a pop-up list of fonts. An alternative is the Fonts dialogue, get that from Windows -> Dockable Dialogues -> Fonts. Either select/change a font globally.

The on canvas tool works in a different way, it changes selected text. Clear the text name, type in part of the required font name to get a pop up of options.

Of course if there are no fonts at all then you have a seriously scrambled Gimp installation

A couple of videos that might help, neither very long:

Basic Use about 4 minutes

One I did for a Gimp challenged user, who could not get their head around the text tool: 4 minutes

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