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a few arrows along a path
Is there a gimp plugin that can place a few arrowheads on a path in a way that the arrowheads are following the path direction. NOT as the example below :

Thanks in advance for a solution.
1. Make an arrowhead brush
2. Gimp has a built in dynamic "Track Direction". Use that.
3. Set brush spacing to a large value, say 150%
4. Edit > Stroke Path

You can easily make your own dynamics if needed (if Gimp doesn't have a convenient built-in one).

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In the 'stroke path' panel I have to set ' Emulate brush dynamics ' on, otherwise it don't give the result I want (or like your example Blighty).Thank you for the tip, I now discovered that one have more options if one click on the icon with the blue arrow and the three red points. Discovering the possibilities with Gimp is every time a revelation.

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