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beginner question
Hi G_F

I am trying to learn GIMP.  I watch tutorials which give me a lot of information, but I still cant figure out how to do the simple things.

I have 2.8 on Win 10 64 bit.  

Can you help me with a basic first project?  

I would like to make an image in Gimp which I can then print out on my Laserjet.  I would like to put a jpg image on the top half of the image and enter some random text of my choice on the lower half of the image.  

I have been able to add a jpg from my pc to an image and I have also gotten text on an image using the text tool.   I can do one or the other but Im having trouble composing an image with jpg on top and text on the bottom.  

I kinda understand layers, but Im not able to compose a simple image and have both jpg and text in the right locations on one image.

Can you outline the steps to layout my project image and then get it to print out full size on a printed page?

Any coaching would be appreciated, but I need simple or Ill be lost quickly.   Im just not understanding how to layout a page the way I want.    Somehow I end up with two image boxes with jpg on one and text on the other.
Assuming the page you want to print is A4.

Open a new blank canvas of the correct size.
File > New. There is a Template drop down. Select A4 (300ppi)
On that window you will see that the size in pixels is set to 2480x3508 pixels.
It is important to get the image size in pixels correct as bitmap images do not scale well.
Click OK, you get a new blank canvas (chequer board pattern)

Import image
New > Open as Layers and select your jpg
The image will be on its own layer and can be moved as required.

Create text
Select the Text Tool and create text. The text is created on its own layer.
NOTE: Set the text options in the Tool Options dialogue (below the Tool Box) and NOT by using the on-screen dialogue. (The on-screen dialogue is for selected text only)
Thanks Blightly,  obssesive Gimper,   it worked on the first try.  You are the MAN!

I spent hours trying to do that before your help.

I will attach gimp project1.jpg below.  

I will need to play with it to learn more, but it is great to finally get printed output.

Made my day,


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