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bricolage: how to add a audio-visualization to a set of images ....
hello and good day dear experts good day dear friends on Gimp-Forum

i am currently looking to get some things done in Gimp and afterwards in OpenShot. 

- i finally managed it.  now i have approx 14 images on one track
how to add another track - a video on track 2 (with a audio-visualization) 

see the audio track     

- note: i want to add this audio - visualization to the bottom-line of the film that is created out of the collection of images!

see the whole stuff     

is this possible - see the images that i have attached, i now am trying the get this done. I will read the manpages to find out how to achive this. 

look forward to hear from you 

yours Say hello :happy:
As far as I can determine nothing to do with Gimp.

Do you want to add the audio from the mp4 video, to the starry sky slide show ?

Put the mp4 video under the images time line (as previous post) The images will mask the video leaving the audio. Instead of starting with the images on track 1 use a higher track leaving a lower track for the audio.



A better way. Install the audio editor Audacity. It is in the Mint repo.

sudo apt install audacity

Audacity will open a video file just for the audio track(s) Then export the audio from Audacity for use in Openshot. Then you can use the images on track 1 and audio on track 2

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