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edit image help
thanks rich2005
guess i will watch that video all the way thru. so many little things to learn and i am not keeping track of them well. posted a sample video on youtube using brown heart...not at issue...and it did help with your tips for me..
but in future please don't include any personal pics/names/dates I put into my designs. Am not sure how she would react to have that on the net!

how bout you pop over for coffee/tea and a cookie and give me a private lesson?  lol lol lol

there are a few students in my area who use GIMP and maybe I can connect with their instructor to see if they would consider helping me out personally.   I am so much better learning by doing and just need a few pointers.
If there was a class I could take that would be excellent.

however that is not an option and I am sort of rushed to get this done.

i will persevere and see what I can manage. thanks for all your patience for my repetitive questions.
apparently there are no more students in area to help me out personally. darn it!!
i know i am doing something very basic wrong...even starting from scratch i run into issues. 

while posting to this forum is great...its not like having someone looking over my shoulder guiding me.
at times it seems nothing is happening and then an image comes thru. 
mayb i have issues expecting my input to happen right away when I need to wait....

However, i have read that GIMP can take up lot of RAM...

my macbook air early 2013 with iOS v 10.10.5.....
processor: 1.6Ghz    intel core i5
memory: 8gb   1600 Mhz  ddr3

just clicked on 'activity monitor' just found out about it... not that i understand what all this means..but may help!!
physical me: 8gb
memory used: mem-1.75gb/ wired mem-1.05gb/  compressed mem-536.1mb
cache: 2.39gb
swap used: 719.5gb

hope this info helps if I need to change or monitor settings. 
tho that is not going to help me figure out how to use GIMP 
lol lol lol
Something to check:

In Gimp go to
Edit > Preferences

The first item there is Environment
Within that is item called "Tile cache size"
What is that set to?
(11-01-2017, 04:40 AM)Blighty Wrote: Something to check:

In Gimp go to
Edit > Preferences

The first item there is Environment
Within that is item called "Tile cache size"
What is that set to?

its set at 1024mb
(11-01-2017, 07:17 PM)lori17 Wrote:
(11-01-2017, 04:40 AM)Blighty Wrote: Something to check:

In Gimp go to
Edit > Preferences

The first item there is Environment
Within that is item called "Tile cache size"
What is that set to?

its set at 1024mb

Try setting to 6 Gigabytes
ok thanks. I dont really understand what cache does. will setting this to 6gb affect the working of my laptop? or is this only while in GIMP?  i will google cache and find out what it is all about. 

I am going to start from scratch and document exactly what I did and see if I can get these working.

I have downloaded the pdf manual and have been reading it and trying a few things. understanding more of the image and tool bar screens helps.  Tis difficult to read manual and test GIMP on same laptop....switching back and forth little tasking.

this is really annoying as I am sure it is something very basic and simple that I am missing...i will continue to work on it.
well i started from scratch. opened brown heart with blue text boxes each in different layer.
open parents picture on my mac.. did edit.copy in Macs preview   
in gimp made sure i had the brown heart select on right bar for labels
edit paste as layer
the parents picture very large took over the brown heart but left the blue text boxes showing
when I clicked on parents pic in layer tab on right told make sure I had correct resize....the whole picture scaled downand not only the parents pic....

what am i doing wrong?

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I did show how to scale a layer in place in that video.

However - basic

Make sure you are on the layer to scale

Use Layer -> Scale layer

[Image: 8qs1taK.jpg]

In the scale layer dialogue set the units you want to use (1) percentage is a good bet
Make sure Width and Height are linked together (2)
Set the value of the scale - example shows 50%

[Image: UEgQiCJ.jpg]

If that is no good - undo - change the scale value - try again.
thanks rich
i was using scale image and not scale layer. that was my problem. will review that video again.

I found that when I was reading the help suggestions from you and blighty...I was not reading word for word...
once I went back to the post and followed it exactly....results turned out much better.

now i want to try the feather feature. not sure about suitable value but will play with that.

thanks rich2005 for removing the youtube video...

in the last .jpg link in your post above.... i would like to be able to do this faded edge ... feathering for a nice soft look.

currently have on right side brown heart with pic inside..great. managed to do that happy.  it is named airbrush.

I selected pic...yellow dotted lines around.
inverted then select feather...used default value and then tried 10...
both wiped the picture away and left me with a box with wooden heart background.
see attached
mayb am not selecting in correct order? or the value is wrong (use 10 in attach)

what did I do wrong?

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Beats me. Your screenshot is on the undo tab there which tells nothing, so best if you can post the gimp file.

Save as something.xcfgz which is a gimp compressed file format and hope that it is not too large to attach.

If too large upload to something like dropbox and post the download link.

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