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edit image help
ok try this attachment...the value is set at default 5

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.xcf   brown heart sm+xmas,as m&d+yr BLUE better.parents yeah.--tester1.xcf (Size: 569.2 KB / Downloads: 19)
I have been trying to figure out where you went wrong. Here is a possibility:
You used Select All to select the photo. Instead, use the the rectangle select tool and make a selection on just the photo. Don't make the selection larger than the photo.

Summary of steps:
1. Select just the photo
2.Feather selection
3.Invert selection
4. Delete

There is always a bit of trial and error involved to get a suitable feather size. Use undo and try another setting.
Going back to an earlier post, this is in my old netbook, 2GB memory, 32GB SSD - Not exactly the most endowed computer. Still runs Gimp 2.8.22 no problem. So do not worry about your Mac.

Do not know how you pasted. You ended up with an empty layer. However you have copied the image, you can check looking at the 'clipboard' brush, which shows the content of the clipboard.

[Image: jAFDzP8.jpg]

For a feathered edge. (assuming you have scaled your image down to about 120x120 pix for your project.

Make your selection, can be rectangular, elliptical, or a free selection. Showing a rectangular selection leaving a margin inside the image.

Use Select -> Feather (1) then set a suitable value (2) and OK it.

Now copy to the clipboard Edit -> Copy.

extras, (A) for a rectangular selection there is a Rounded Corners Option which looks good. (B) There is that clipboard indication again.

[Image: nm1AcVZ.jpg]

In your main image.

Edit -> Paste-As -> New Layer will park the copied image top left. Use the move tool to position it. Should look like

[Image: eriUWqp.jpg]
thank you both Blighty and rich2005 for being so patient with me and having to repeat some instructions in more detail where I just didn't grasp the concept OR did not pay attention to video clips and text you posted. 

I feel I managed to get the desired ornament made. Tho the picture chosen and feathering could have been is pretty good for a newbie novice!

once I played around with selecting and working with the clipboard...was able to play with a lot of things. feathering value was a bit tricky until i understood it a bit better.

Am very pleased with GIMP and I shall have to work more and more with it so I can become more comfortable and proficient with it.

fyi...see my attached final

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