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excellent GIMP tutorial for beginners
How to use GIMP 2.10 tutorial for beginners

Found the above in Youtube. Excellent tutorial for beginners.

3rd lesson on preference is an eye opener for me. Now I dont have to use the slider to change the tool size. Can now use the mouse scroll instead!

One good way to jump start in learning GIMP via that tutorial.

Thanks, but there is no link. Where is the tutorial?

Also, sorry for writing this here, but as a beginner I am unable to open a new thread. Should I do something specific to be able to do that?
If you look at the description of the Gimp 2.10 section You find why you cannot post. Nothing to do with beginner status.

"Gimp 2.10 questions should go in the general section. You can no longer ask questions here, but you can still answer existing questions."

In case anyone else stumbles on this question.   The information for modifying the mouse scroll wheel action is here:

In pictures:


Open Edit -> Preferences Go to Input controllers (1) Click on Mouse Wheel (2) and click on Main Mouse wheel (3)   In the list of actions choose Scroll Down (4) 


Click on scroll down (5) to open the Actions. Find the Tools section (6) Scroll down to the Tool's Size: section (7) Click on the one you want to add it to Scroll Down


Repeat the process for Scroll Up and OK everything (8)

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