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gimpbox for setting single window on 2.6.x gimp versions (Monoventana)
Hello people, i´m new to the forum. 

It happened that i wanted the set single window on my gimp without updating it. There seems to be a tool for this called gimpbox, but the official download link is dead and i don´t know where else to find it. 

Could some one in here please provide it to us. Obviously i would accept another solution to what i want as long as it works  Big Grin

I´m setting up a system with a Debian based distro called Trisquel mini.
In Advance.
welcome to

A quick look at Trisquel mini, and if you have Gimp 2.6 then that must be version 6 based on Ubuntu 12.04 . As a note support for that ends this year.

A bit of a dig around, and GimpBox is a python script to put a background window under Gimp. I remember a (buggy) Windows version called Deweirdifier, more trouble than benefit.

The python code is still around:

The best way is upgrade to Trisquel 7 which supports Gimp 2.8.10 - still not the latest but reasonable.

However, I do understand possible upgrade snags. I have an old Acer A110 netbook with a 1024x600 display and Gimp 2.8 is too large for that size.

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