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importing layers from an image to another

Is it please possible to import some or all layers of a Gimp image to an other one ?

Thanks  Smile
The most straight forward way is, save the image with layers as a Gimp xcf file.
Then to the 'other' image and add the xcf file Open -> Open as Layers

It is possible to drag-n-drop a layer Group from the layers dock to the 'other' open image

Layers not in a Layer Group ? There are plugins and scripts that will move layers into a layer group and also ungroup as required.

One of Saul Goodes scripts attached. Unzip and put in your User scripts folder. Registers in Layers > Stack > Group Linked Layers and Layers > Stack > Ungroup

Works like this:

Link the layers required, into a layer group, drag into the other image (via the tab), ungroup the layers, unlink the layers

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Why not just copy the layer group and paste as a new layer in the image you want it in. It will paste as a layer group still.


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