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layergroup managing scripts

I am looking for scripts to manipulate layers and layergroups.


1] Non destructive renaming/renumbering layers ( adding numbers to the layers *001*, moving copy del etc, remove numbering which gives the layer it's original name,
ic removing *xxx*)

2] Moving and/or Copying layers into a layergroup ( simplest format usable would be,  move xxx layers below it into a layergroup )

3] Copying layers and layersgroup ( copy layers from *010* to *020* the layergroups contained in this area must also be copied )

I have found scripts which number but they can't remove the 'added' numbers.
I have found scripts which copy layers but from layergroups only the 'top' layer is copied.

Smile  mostly using 2.8 with layergroups, occasional 2.10
Not everything you require but some (old) scripts to try-out  I zipped these up, two come from the defunct plugin-registry site the other two from  

They all work Gimp 2.8 / 2.10 (at least they do here)

In the tools menu - a bit limited but useful for clearing layer names to a basic 1..2..3..4
rename-layers.scm lots of renaming options, 

sg-group-linked-layers.scm In Layer -> Stack groups and ungroups 
sg-merge-linked.scm In the Image menu might come in useful

Not in the zip From
look for ofn-ungroup-layers and have a browse through the plug-ins, all useful, most come with a 'read-me'

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Thanks, they contain snippets of usable functionality Smile

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