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mouse scroll wheel button settings
   I have the mouse scroll wheel set for zoom in and zoom out. The scroll wheel button is still set to the default grab to pan setting. This is what I want. Unfortunately, if the scroll wheel button is held and the scroll wheel encoder moves up or down by a detent the screen pans a large amount in one totally useless jump. How do I disable this? I have gone through Edit>Preferences>Input Devices>Input Controllers>Main Mounse Wheel/Mouse Buttons. The wheel section does not list the wheel button or scroll+button combo and under the buttons section I am having a hard time figuring out what the buttons relate to. There are more button buttons listed than the 3 I have, and they are named using a convention that appears very mysterious. I have 3 buttons, and I'm given options for 8-12. What happened to 1-7, or more importantly, my 1-3, and how am I supposed to know what a button number is. The designated English nomenclature is left button, right button, center button?
 How do I disable the scroll wheel encoder operation while the center button/pan funtion is held, or force it to pan and zoom in and out without skipping around to some useless distant location?

GIMP 2.8.22
Ubuntu 18.04.1

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