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[n00b] how best to remove a patterned area?
first post, hope i'm in the right place and all that.

ok, i'm a GIMP n00bie, learning the ropes. i've run into a situation that i know how to handle the brute force way but i'm wondering if there isn't a more elegant approach.

i'm starting with the hex tile on the left and want it to end up looking like the tile in the middle, in other words remove a part of it to transparency. the area i want to remove looks like the blow-up on the right, if that's helpful.

[Image: V8fmzlc.png]

needless to say i can, and did, use the eraser to do it the "hard" way. there are about 50 more to do so if there is an intelligent way to do this -- meaning something that is less meticulous and/or fewer steps -- i'd love to hear about it. any suggestions would be appreciated.

in case anyone is curious these are tiles used for fantasy mapping in an app called HexKit. the purpose here is to create tiles that can be used as overlays, here to add coastline to an arbitrary land feature as opposed to being limited to the grasslands of the original tile. the moded tiles would be for personal use, not for distribution.
It could be quick if you:

1- choose "select by color tool"
2- choose to perform the selection on the hue
3- click inside the area to erase (choose an average color to reduce the number of steps)
4- clear the selected part

You see that a lot but not all of the area has been removed
Repeat steps 3 and 4

If you are lucky, you have already the whole area cleared (it happened to me), otherwise repeat.
wow! that was remarkably effective. two selections and 99% of it was gone thank you very much!
in the process of doing this same thing a lot more times than i originally expected i have stumbled upon a particularly effective and efficient way of doing what it is i set out to do: use the Fuzzy Select tool with Antialiasing checked, Threshold at 25 and Select by: Hue.

one good selection -- click and drag right and/or down -- and the area to delete is usually selected perfectly (or very close to) in one go.
give it a quick scan to make sure all is good -- it usually is -- then hit the Delete key and voila! all done in a couple seconds.

i realize this unusually high rate of success is likely due to my particular circumstances but hey, worked for me.

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