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See ofn-reorder-copy-layers on your favorite repo... Basically you set the chainlink on all layers you want to move/copy, then make the target layer active, and use Image ➤ Copy linked layers or Image ➤ Reorder linked layers to copy/move the layer above your target layer.
Excellent thank you Ofnuts.
Hi Ofnuts,

Thanks again for this great script Smile

Just noticed something I thought I'd mention.  I was making the word Gimp with a brush that has a flower image.  Wanting to dot the i my path had a short stroke. When running the script I got a GIMP Message that said:

Brush strokes on path Message
float division by zero

I was using settings:

Strokes 0
Spacing (px) 32

My brush is 40x38 pixels.

I think it's actualCountAndSpacing where intervals is set to 0 on an open path.

I made the path's stroke a bit longer to fit two flowers and it works fine and as I was making an animation I deleted one of the layers.  (I put the result in the text effects thread on gimp chat).

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