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I'm updating the old interlave-layers script to support the Gimp 2.10 layers modes.

While I am at it, is there a feature that is sorely missed?
Any way of permitting a different size canvas for overlay or interleave? Maybe with an offset option?
Well, this is exactly why the script requests everything to have the same size. This avoids umpteen options to set the position of the added layers (9 corner/center positions, plus arbitrary offsets (think about combining animations side by side...), and handle the cases when added layers are bigger than the current layer (crop? intersect? enlarge?). The current ways of doing it forces the user to think about it beforehand, and lets him use existing interactive tools for this: Image>Canvas size is the user's friend here, with a nice widget to position the current image in the enlarged canvas. One can also import a layer of one of the image in another, and move all layers (chainlink) to position them over the reference layer. This IMHO beats entering a pair of numeric offsets. I'm planning to improve the doc here Smile
I do not have a problem with that philosophy.. simple is best


Quote:The current ways of doing it forces the user to think about it beforehand..

yeah, right Wink
Interleave layers plugin is so good for animations.

I added layer mask on all animation frames .

Then used interleave layer plugin . But the transparency of different layers of the single image(single image to be interleaved on top in title mode) turned completely opaque .

Am i missing something ??? Why the conflict in transparency settings when using interleave layers plugin???
Because for the time being the plugin doesn't take layer masks in account. You would have to apply them first.

I'll look into it. Could be complicated.

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