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I used to get the "ofn-layer-aligner"-Plugin to run on Debian Buster, but "gimp-python" is not available on Bullseye, and it looks like it doesn't need it anymore? I don't get "ofn-layer-aligner" to show up in GIMP on Debian Bullseye. Did something change so it is not compatible anymore?

Thanks for help!
Debian moved on to python3 so python2 support for Gimp 2.10.22  is dropped. the gimp-python package is gone.

It might be possible to add some old packages to incorporate python2 see:  However, while I know this works for ubuntu (and variants) but have not tried on a newer Debian version. Ubuntu is based on Debian so there is a chance it works, it would be a try-and-hope operation.

Edit: Installed Debian testing (Debian 11) in a VM and sorry to say too many missing packages to make a gimp-python installation.

There are other options to get Gimp python plugins working again.
Install the flatpak version. That should get you a sandboxed Gimp with python and somewhat limited for some operations - scanning for example.
Use an appimage, should work but again I have not tried with Debian buster.  Get the Gimp 2.10.22 version from the bottom of the assets list:
Side remark: on Gimp 2.10, O-L-A is less useful because the same thing can be done with the unified transform tool:
  • Decrease the preview opacity so that you can see both images
  • Move the top image to make the first pair of reference point coincide
  • Move the "Pivot" to that reference point and lock it with the Pivot ➤ Lock option
  • Check the From pivot ➤ Scale option (or use Ctrl)
  • Check the Constrain ➤ Scale option (or use Shift)
  • Rotate and scale the top image to make the second pair of reference points coincide.

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