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(05-05-2020, 08:11 AM)Ofnuts Wrote:
The problem is visible as soon as your generate the scroll. The identical frames reinforce their image  and there are also visible gaps in the "smear".

If I hadn't decided to try the script with version 2.10.18, I would still be trying to understand where I was going wrong.  Rolleyes
These discrepancies between versions of the Gimp are a nightmare.
(04-27-2021, 10:33 AM)Ofnuts Wrote: See my ofn-scroll-layer script Smile

Could you clarify in simple terms, the concepts you refer to that I have highlighted in red in the below copy of your instructions? 

 I'm a tad confused, as I typically consider an "oscillation" to be a complete cycle such as starting out at "A" moving to "B" and then returning to "A" origin, such as a reciprocating engine, with  amplitude being top dead center of the piston.

I'm having difficulty inferring that into a single direction (linear) movement.

For example, moving the text message in the bottom, Scrollsign  illustration,  similar to how the old news reader signs were on the outside of buildings 50+ years ago. 

Thanks in advance.

ala the following

I tried just assuming typical values, and ended up launching a run away operation, which once it reached 800+ frames I concluded that I had made a mistake.   Huh

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Assuming the blue arrow shows the path of a given pixel of the scrolled layer in the animation:


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