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You know I never save any of my files Wink  Another in the same style attached.

It seems to be just the palette option. Tried in Gimp 2.10.14 and 2.10.20 

Now back to the game-of-computer scrabble...

edit: Ah....forget it, it is the dumb palette I am using. Starts with white.

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.xcf   12paths.xcf (Size: 8.57 KB / Downloads: 23)
Can't reproduce.... Looks like you are just seeing something filled in white over the white background.Can you retry with a transparency fill over an adequate background? If you ask for random color ordering the unpainted path should change, too since the "invisible" color will be applied to some random path(s).

See the edit. Palette stared with white
...and I lost my game of scrabble...
Light, fast and even seems intuitive to use. In My Samj's Portable 2.10.21 everything looks perfect!

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