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  • Create two curves, then use path-inbetweener to generate 40 intermediate paths ("Swing" stretch)
  • Using WIP ofn-text-along-path, add "ACCORDION" in "filled" layout on each
  • Generate a layer for each using stroke-or-fill-visible-layers
  • Generate the "back" move with mirror-layers
  • Export as GIF
  • Serve hot during lunchbreak

(done while listening to bagpipes, but this is another story Smile)
Testing some fixed and new capabilities.

Too big to use a GF attachment (about 1M). Fairly compute-intensive, nearly killed the PC doing that one... Will likely redo it with a more realistic wave travel. That could be a coincidence, but the more bendy the path is, the longer it is, and this just widens the character spacing enough to avoid overlaps.
[Image: x7Se2o1.gif]
Better version:

[Image: aJMshKw.gif]
Updated the script on SourceForge:
  • Remove "box-margins" on first/last characters
  • Run on multiple strokes
  • Add more path generation options
Yet another update:
  • Fix bug on width in "Repeated" layout on closed strokes (visible here)
  • Include spacer in the name of produced paths
Yet another update to fix a bug introduced by the previous update. Do I feel a moose coming?(*)

(*) a virtual coconut to those who recognize what this alludes to.

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