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package lcms2 was not found in the pkg-config search path
Quote: I am running with ubuntu 18.04.3

I was trying to make beautify which is a plugin for gimp 2.10.16 I got the error: package lcms2 was not found in the pkg-config search path

I then did a search of lcms2 and got:
greg@gregdown:~$ locate lcms2

I found something called "" which may be what I need or do I have to install lcms2?  If what I have is what I need then am I going to have to add something to pkg-config search path?  I, obviously, am clueless so but figured I had better get some advise instead of charging ahead.

Thank you........................
You are perhaps missing a "development" package (header files, etc), look for an install a package called something like lcms2-dev or lcms2-devel.
I am not too sure you can compile successfully in a 'snap' version. Gimp being sandboxed, the OS will not see libgimp2.0-dev (I think) Give it a try.

As Ofnuts pointed out you need liblcms2-dev package.

The Beautify plugin code was for Gimp 2.8 and one part of it - simple borders - needs a small change to work. One of the contributers here, Nelo came up with the fix. see the attached text file.

If you get stuck compiling it you can try my compile: I keep it here  about 60 MB download.

Looks like this Gimp 2.10.14 (from PPA) kubuntu 18.04 One part of it - texture borders
not a very good example Wink another one

Attached Files
.txt   beautify-fix.txt (Size: 479 bytes / Downloads: 62)
Thank you for the replies.

I think my course should probably be to wait until v 2.10 calms down a bit and then take another look. My concern is that there is a very good chance I am waaay over my head with this one and things are changing quite a bit almost day to day. I think I will take a step back and run through a few of the beginner tutorials before I start with bigger stuff.

Thanks again!!!!!!!

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