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python-fu missing, plugins are there
A factory restore? HP and others notorious for including 'demo' versions of applications, that old python part of one or it might be part of the restore procedure itself. Which is why you rename to disable rather than deleting. Might be needed.

I do not know what works with Vista. The last Gimp 2.10 that worked with my Win 7 32 bit is 2.10.6 (170 MB)

Earlier versions of Gimp 2.8, likely to be the same as your existing. You do not want to go down the Gimp 2.6 route where Python is installed separately prior to installing Gimp.
(10-31-2019, 05:23 PM)rich2005 Wrote: You have me beat.  Last time I had to sort out a problem like yours,I had to take the computer for a couple of days to clean it up.

Quote: 1.  i have no idea about the completely seperate installation of python.  it was a result of something ofnuts asked me to do (find python.exe, navagte to, execute).  i still have no idea why a search of the C: drive did not show an instance in program files\gimp2??  if i seasrch program files it appears??  also the "C:\hp\" directory does not show up on windows explorer (i have included a screen shot)??

If you did not install it then must have come with the computer. Is it in the uninstall menu ?

Quote:6.   also, now that i found the copy of python.exe in gimp, i repeated the step that ofnuts asked me to do by navagating to and executing the python.exe in my GIMP library.  it gets an error message about "side by side" issues (i have included a screen shot)??

I assume the error message is because Gimp finds that old version of Python. Could be that the there is a Windows registry entry loading it. Who knows.

For reference, Win7 Gimp 2.8 would get something like (not really meant meant to be run on its own)

[Image: fZRm7lb.jpg]

One last try. Go to C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\bin\gimp-2.8.exe and run as administrator Unlikly to make any difference.
Maybe someone has more ideas, I am out of options.

hey rich2005,

i spend so much time asking for help i thought i would reply when i am hoping i can provide help. i have been working on the issue "python wont work in vista with gimp 2.6.6". i finally got everything to work.

to do this i had to go to the python site and download old version 2.6.6 of pyhton (34bit msi installer). i ran that and restarted the machine and python was there. for some reason the python 2.7 installed with vista will not work with gimp 2.6.6. research suggested i do not use the 64 bit version and suggested the 34bit version even though i am running vista 64 bit.

i hope i was able to provide a little help for a change... have a nice day

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