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querying new plugins on startup forever
hi there currently at my wits end i've had gimp running with no issues on my computer with no issues for months however i installed (successfully) the resythesisor plug-in the other day(successully) i was using it for a few days then woke up one day (may or may not have been after update for widows 11 im not sure, tried rolling it back already anyways no dice) and the resythesisor plug-in was nowhere to be found and after exiting gimp completely i could no longer get into it at all. when i try it starts re installing my other apps eg; wordpress, visual studio code, github desktop and a few more i dont remember off the top of my head although a common denominator here is that they are all recent additions ive played it out installing them again and skipping/cancelling them and gimp never progresses past  "querying new plug-ins" . so i've gone to the gimp file location and found the plug in folder thinking that it must have been something i screwed up in there but i cant find anything weird, mind you im no hawk-eye does this sound familiar to anyone or do you guys have any recommendations? greatly appreciated have a good day

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