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rework a template - from horizontal to vertical - with calc or writer or excel & word
#11 is not the place for your questions. You are almost certain to get a better answer elsewhere.

Personally, I think it is a case for starting again from the beginning and creating what is going to be a very wide document.

In the spirit of trying to help, perhaps this way.

You can import text into a spreadsheet (using LibreOffice for my examples)

Select, cut and paste the various sections

Tidy things up with a search and replace. example: replace | with a space

You might be able to a little simple formatting, up to you.
Save as a CSV file with the fixed column width option. This will open in a text editor as:

An ASCII editor? I do not know. The only one I have javE has a maximum width of 100 characters - not much use.

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