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shark0r's digital painting works
I find your work very good, shark0r. You are a talented artist.
Seamless tilemap practice No.2
Side-scrolling action game like

Drew a tileset
[Image: 2gHxZYRERl6kcImKxRIF.jpg]

There are so many platform tiles because there are 6 grass land tiles, and 14 types of underlying rocks(include the "no rock" one), which form 6×14 variations.

And built a map
[Image: 2SeG58vtuDGtwVSzxRIF.jpg]

Bahamut (Traditional Chinese)
pixiv (Japanese)
Characters from the game "Panel de Pon" by 3 different coloring methods.
Character only, no background, no scene.

Water fairy Elias. By MyPaint brush with smudge feature.
[Image: 1413QEZqpPQgPJpqxRIF.jpg]

Fire fairy Flare. By smudge tool.
You can see that GIMP's smudge tool and MyPaint brush have different smudge effect.
[Image: 4A5CqVhuG6gZ5fdHxRIF.jpg]

Electric fairy Rolia, a fan-made character and not in the original game.
By R_Real Pencil, a texture brush in GIMP Paint Studio.
[Image: 5oovIhAs2VXp4bssxRIF.jpg]

Larger image is available in pixiv(Japanese)
Also posted on Bahamut(Traditional Chinese)

Panel de Pon(パネルでポン), released in 1995, is an action puzzle game with cute characters and fantasy world, but the game play is very aggressive.
Many characters in this game have unique hair style and it's not easy to draw, especially Flare's.

Rolia comes from this Japanese site which I found a few days ago. There are many fan arts and fan-made characters there.

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