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shark0r's digital painting works
I find your work very good, shark0r. You are a talented artist.
Seamless tilemap practice No.2
Side-scrolling action game like

Drew a tileset
[Image: 2gHxZYRERl6kcImKxRIF.jpg]

There are so many platform tiles because there are 6 grass land tiles, and 14 types of underlying rocks(include the "no rock" one), which form 6×14 variations.

And built a map
[Image: 2SeG58vtuDGtwVSzxRIF.jpg]

Bahamut (Traditional Chinese)
pixiv (Japanese)
Characters from the game "Panel de Pon" by 3 different coloring methods.
Character only, no background, no scene.

Water fairy Elias. By MyPaint brush with smudge feature.
[Image: 1413QEZqpPQgPJpqxRIF.jpg]

Fire fairy Flare. By smudge tool.
You can see that GIMP's smudge tool and MyPaint brush have different smudge effect.
[Image: 4A5CqVhuG6gZ5fdHxRIF.jpg]

Electric fairy Rolia, a fan-made character and not in the original game.
By R_Real Pencil, a texture brush in GIMP Paint Studio.
[Image: 5oovIhAs2VXp4bssxRIF.jpg]

Larger image is available in pixiv(Japanese)
Also posted on Bahamut(Traditional Chinese)

Panel de Pon(パネルでポン), released in 1995, is an action puzzle game with cute characters and fantasy world, but the game play is very aggressive.
Many characters in this game have unique hair style and it's not easy to draw, especially Flare's.

Rolia comes from this Japanese site which I found a few days ago. There are many fan arts and fan-made characters there.
An advertisement artwork. My selfmade game "Cyber Sprite" is on sale on DLsite.

[Image: 20181025cs1promotion_done.jpg]

It's a 2D shooting game that characters are personified programming languages. The 4 girls in this image are Lua, Tcl, Basic, and a secret character, from top to bottom.

DLsite pages.
Taiwan Japan English

Game information (English and Chinese)

Also posted here
pixiv (Japanese)
Bahamut (Chinese)

This time I show the drawing process of this artwork.

Used software: Inkscape and GIMP. I use a vector software and a raster software for drawing.

Step 1:
First, of course you had to decide what to draw.
After some thinking, I decided to draw 4 main characters and 4 scenes in the game in one image.

Drew a rough draft to help me think about object size and placement. Had not need to care about perspective yet.
[Image: 20181025step1.jpg]

Step 2:
Drew a more precise draft. The perspective had to be evaluated properly.
This was drawn by Inkscape. In vector software you can easily edit paths and shapes, and this is usable to draw drafts.
[Image: 20181025step2-3.jpg]

The perspective lines looked like this.
[Image: 20181025step2-4.jpg]
This looks complex because it needs many vanishing points to draw this artwork. There are 28 vanishing points. Some are outside of the image.
I managed them in groups and could show/hide them as needed.

Step 3:
Drew base colors of regular shaped objects. Characters would be drawn later.
[Image: 20181025step3-1.jpg]

Splitting parts into layers could make coloring easier. The layers looked like this.
[Image: 20181025step3-2.jpg]
This was the end of Inkscape part. Exported these layers and imported them into GIMP.

Step 4:
In GIMP, drew shading by Multiply layers, and added irreguar shaped objects.
[Image: 20181025step4.jpg]


Step 5:
Background was done. Then drew characters.
Base color.
[Image: 20181025step5-1.jpg]

Zoom in
[Image: 20181025step5-2.jpg]

Step 6:
Added shading and lighting by Multiply and Screen layers, and drew eyes. Eyes had to be drawn carefully because eyes are the windows to the soul.
[Image: 20181025step6-1.jpg]

Zoom in
[Image: 20181025step6-2.jpg]

Step 7:
Finally post processing. Added some Multiply, Screen, Add, and Overlay layers to adjust global lightness.
[Image: 20181025step7.jpg]

Step 8:
Added logo, text, and emotion mark . Shrank size (It's easier to draw with larger size and adjust to desired size later). Done.
[Image: 20181025step8.jpg]
Wondering what the C and Python characters look like...
From my view, I think C is a different thing from those scripting languages and not suitable to be on the same stage. Since most scripting language interpreters are written in C.

Python will appear in our next game. But the development progress is slow due to lack of graphic staff.
Human character sprite animation practice

My drawing process:
Drew images in 4x size. Here are some of the animation cells.
[Image: 20191031cells.jpg]

After finishing all cells, shrank them to desired size.
Here is the whole sprite sheet. I only drew 2 actions: standing and walking.
[Image: 20191031spritesheet.jpg]

And prepare a background image. Let them act.
[Image: 20191031walk.webp]

Self review: No so good. The walking pose looks a little strange, and the drawing method needs to be improvement. More practice is needed.

I have drawn animations of mechanical objects in my self-made game. Mechanical objects are made of rigid parts, but human characters have many flexible parts such as hair, cloths, and limbs. Hence they are more difficult to draw.

Also posted here
Bahamut (Traditional Chinese)
pixiv (Japanese)
Personification of Python language : Minty
A character in my developing game "Cyber Sprite 2"
[Image: 20200125minty_en_done.jpg]

Drawn by the "smudge painting" tool introduced in GIMP 2.10.
pixiv link (Japanese)

Python has many rules to make code clear such as "Indentation is necessary", "There should be one obvious way to do it", so I designed it as a cleanly, prim and proper house maid.

She can do miscellaneous chores such as file ordering and analizing, web server, painting assistance. But if you break her rule of clearness, you will receive her scolding.
However, even such a capable house maid has a weakness. If you wonder what it is..., play the game.

Her name comes from "Monty Python" which is Python's name source. Because Monty sounds something masculine, I changed it to Minty.

Character image and animations in the game are not drawn by me. You can view them here:
Bahamut (Traditional Chinese)
Offitial blog (Traditional Chinese)
shmups forum (English)
I don't get the "embarrassed scene"?

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