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stretch / scale portion of image
I have an image that I want to make taller. Using copy - paste - move leaves visible lines where even the paste portion falls. Clone will take "forever". Is there any way to stretch or scale just a portion of the image?
All depends on the image and how much you want to 'stretch' a section to increase the height.

Shown using Gimp 2.8 ( 2.10 is similar except plugins might be updated) Some possibilities.

General preliminary: Add transparency Layer -> Transparency -> Add Alpha channel Increase the height of the canvas Image -> Canvas size

1) Resynthesizer + heal transparency plugins
Apply the heal transparency filter to fill the empty space with image pixels. When a bit tight on space do in small stages.
Link to the resynthesizer plugin here:

2) Multiple copy-paste
Take a strip selection, copy -> paste -> flip -> move This ensures that the edge pixels match. If you repeat paste -> flip, you can fill the space with a concertina effect. Might be ok depending on the image.

3) The liquid rescale plugin.
Again depending on image, apply in increments to avoid distorting the original

Bound to be other ways, someone might come up with something.
Something else to experiment with is the 'Unified Transform Tool' from the toolbox.

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