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toolbox problem
Hi, I see the following message when I try to find my toolbox: "The chosen recent dock contains a toolbox. Please close the currently open toolbox and try again." This occurs even with a brand new file and image. The toolbox is nowhere to be seen... help!
I am trying to envisage a Gimp setup without a toolbox. How did you manage that ? Is Gimp in single or multi-window mode?

Yep, as in the olden days, into multi window mode, close the tool box (left side window). That is persistent even if you go back into single window mode.
It used to be a common problem in Gimp 2.2 / 2.4 days when the multi window setup was all you got.

I suppose that Tools -> New Toolbox give the error you stated. I can not replicate it here. Is the toolbox hidden under another window or are you using a dual-monitor setup ?

My advice is Edit -> Preferences -> Window Management then 'Reset Saved Windows Positions to Default Values' which gets you back to a single window, tools on the left, resource docks on the right.

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