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2.9.5-std With Wacom Intuous tablet
Using windows 10
2.9.5 only Gimp I can use
Issues with Wacom tablet (Intuous3, 6x8) =
  • Only pen will place cursor in desired position
  • Only pen will draw, paint and edit in desired area
  • Mouse will not place cursor where desired
  • I've upgraded and installed multiple versions of Wacom drivers
Suggestions, comments, ideas?

I've tried several times to install gimp 2.9.8
Says it installed but it does not exist on my computer. 
[Image: 15871545_10154849867538431_4425975227108...e=5B12DEC4]
No real help with the Wacom issue. You can try disabling (rename it) the file devicerc which is in the Gimp 2.9 profile. C:\Users\Appdata\Roaming\GIMP\2.9 (I think that is the Windows path)
Dive into the Input Device settings and let Gimp make a new one.

When it comes to versions, the Gimp 2.9.5 was from Is that correct?
Which 2.9.8/9 version are you upgrading, there are Windows versions from partha, also samj.

The partha and the have different naming conventions.
Will stick with 2.9.5-std for now... it is working
Between that and Corel Painter 2018, I get it done
[Image: 15871545_10154849867538431_4425975227108...e=5B12DEC4]

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