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A torus????
Searched far and wide but as usual the info available for gimp is scattered beyond reproach.

I need to know how to make a torus in gimp, with grid.

I can do half a torus by just duplicating circles around:

But when closing the loop, there is always a hole where the outside skin with grid should be:

So instead of having the squared grid all around, you can still see the inside of the torus.

Help please. Trying to find out by myself just means wasting days of time I really need.

what i need is this :
anyone ?
I would investigate using a 3D modeler such as Blender. What you want is doable in Gimp, but would require heavy scripting perspective distortion on eliipses).
You can get this in Gimp using the gmic plugin.


But it is very limited, note the little dimple on the left side to force the rotation.


As Ofnuts, some sort of 3D application gives more alternatives, although the learning curve might be worse than Gimp. 
This one Art of Illusion, a java application.

You can use nanoCAD5. It is free.

Here's what I can make using POV-Ray

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