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Arrow Script
I have altered the defaults for the length of the arrow wings and the brush thickness - not to the settings that Rich2005 had but it's easy to change them as per Rich's first post in this thread.

The main changes are replacing calls of deprecated functions and changing the script registration so that now, whlst it still runs in GIMP V2.10.24, it also registers correctly and appears in the menu of GIMP V2.99.6. HOWEVER, there is a bug in GIMP V2.99.6 that causes the script to fail and report that GimpObjectArray is an unknown return type. Once this is fixed in GIMP the same version of the script should run in both V2.10.x and V2.99.x/V3 - it's a pity that the same won't apply to Python scripts where different versions are needed.

The link to the updated version of the script is:
Are you sure that all is correct. The brush thickness BT values seem to me to be reversed in the new script.

(5 hours ago)rich2005 Wrote: Are you sure that all is correct. The brush thickness BT values seem to me to be reversed in the new script.

Yes, I'm sure it is correct - the effect that you are seeing is what I would expect.

Considering the brush thickness setting - you have it set so that the brush thickness type is the length of the path divided by the brush thickness (BT) value - so the larger the BT value the thinner the arrow shaft - which is what your screen shot shows.

If the brush thickness type is set to "BT Pixels" then the opposite effect would be seen - the larger the brush thickness setting the thicker the shaft of the arrows.

Similarly for the length of the wings.

The default settings (perhaps with the "Length of wings (LoW)" and "Brush thickness (BT)" fields edited to your liking) would give arrows where the length of the wings and thickness of the shaft are proportional to the length of the path.

If you want default settings that give all arrows with the same thickness of shaft and the same length of wings then you need to do three things (if you only want the occasional arrow using absolute pixel values then don't bother doing this just set the type fields from the default settings to pixel settings when running the script):

1. Set the "Length of wings (LoW)" and "Brush thickness (BT)" fields to the required length and thickness respectively in pixels

2. Swap the order of the options in the SF-OPTION controls so that the pixels value settings come first

3. Swap the values assigned to FACTOR_RELATIVE_TO_PATH_LENGTH and FACTOR_IN_ABSOLUTE_PIXELS (so that these are 1 and 0 respectively, rather than 0 and 1 as they are in the script as posted)

Hope this helps.

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