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Best way to bucket fill ink drawing?
I scan a black ink drawing on white paper. If I'm using a bucket fill, what are the best settings so that the black lines are preserved and dominant? Normally I don't have any problem - I just make sure the lines as thick and dark before I scan. However, on my most recent drawing, the bucket fill swallowed up the lines more than normal - I can only guess that my settings were somehow changed (unbeknownst to me) from what I am used to. I usually just set the bucket threshold to 90 and it does a pretty good job. Thanks for any suggestions!
1. (Optional) Use Filters>Generic>Erode to grow the thickness of the black lines

2. Make sure your image has an alpha channel Layer>Transparency>Add Alpha Channel

3. Create a new transparent layer below your B&W layer

4. On the B&W layer use the Fuzzy Select tool to select an area to be filled. Adjust threshold if necessary.

5. Clear the selected area Edit>Clear or Delete. This will clear all the white and nearly white within the selection.

6. Grow the selection by 1 (or 2) pixels. Select>Grow

7. Colours>Colour To Alpha and accept the default white. This gets rid of the white halo from the selection and preserves the anti aliasing pixels.

8. Select the transparent layer below the B&W layer. Bucket fill the selection with the desired colour.

9. Select>None
For quick and easy colorization of lineart i highly recommend the G'MIC filter, Black & white - Colourize lineart [propagation].

Example in this thread:

Really need more information on the scan. Color mode, quality settings, attach part of it if possible.

I very rarely use the bucket fill tool, but not much in the way of settings involved.

This a scan, 300 ppi, RGB Other side of the paper showing through.

[Image: GWy5ARb.jpg]

Bucket filled with settings as shown on the sections 'dot' and '-FORUM' for comparison.

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