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Change background
I have an image of a TV and I want to keep the TV in the image and replace the rest of the image with a color. How would I do this?
1. Make sure the image has an alpha channel
Layer > Transparency > Add Alpha Channel

2. Make a selection on the TV
(see selection tools below)

3. Invert the selection
Select > Invert

4. Delete the background
Edit > Clear

5. Create a new layer below the TV. Fill with required colour.

6. Save as .xcf    Export in required format
Check YouTube for tutorials on selection. Several are available for GIMP 2.10 The foreground select tool can give amazing results, but it's a little complex to use, especially if you don't use it a lot. For a shape as simple as a TV, I'd use either the lasso selection tool or draw a path around the shape, then in the Paths dialog docker, convert the path to a selection. Inverse the selection and delete the background. Or, copy the TV and paste it into a new document filled with the background you want.

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