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Coloring Help
The new image is slightly better than the earlier one (10,000 colors vs. 5,000) but still a low base to work from.

You might improve it a little bit. Something like this:

Using standard Gimp tools

Duplicated layers, working on top layer (addition mode)

Remove the blockiness - use Filters -> Blur -> Selective Gaussian Blur twice: radius 3/delta 8 then radius 0.4/delta 34

Top layer in addition mode, add a layer mask, Layer -> Mask -> Add Layer Mask paint out any parts that are too bright.

New from visible, any small corrections

Final sharpen Filters -> Enhance -> Unsharp Mask default values.

A video of the process: duration 5 minutes

direct link
Thanks for the suggestions, but I think its best if I just stick with more bright scenes.  The darker stuff just isn't super usable even with the Blu-Ray screencaps.  The best version of the pic I want to use has text in my way, and I don't know if it can be removed, and make the pic look believeable.

Thanks for all of the help. This has all helped me that I don't have to rely on Photoshop Elements alot, infact I seem to get alot more out of GIMP than Elements.
Here is a few more photos from the same scene, not much better but these are also capped from the Blu-Ray as far as I know, capped at full 1080p. The only higher quality Im aware of is the 4k release, but there seems to be no screen caps from that version I'm aware of.

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