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Corel PaintShop Pro 2020 Shortcuts for Gimp 2.10.20
Big Grin 
A little while ago I posted Photoshop 2018 bindings for Gimp 2.10.20, and I justy had to do it for Corel Paintshop Pro too (PSP for short)...

Homepage (on DeviantArt)
Alternative (on gnome-look, for non-DA members)

PaintShop Pro rivals Photoshop since the beginning of time, but it only runs on Windows. If you've moved to Linux or macOS (or use them on the side) you are probably using Gimp as a PSP alternative. These keyboard & mouse bindings will hopefully get your life a little easier, until you fully adopt to Gimp's native way of doing things.

As far as I know and as of this writing, these are the most up to date, and frankly the only PaintShop Pro bindings for Gimp, available anywhere (there is also an on-line reference, as a Google Sheet).

Have a look at the included Readme.txt file for full details & instructions.

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