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Create Foam
Hi All.

I am pretty new at GIMP, but trying to learn.

The image below is made in Autodesk Inventor and i am trying to illustrate Foam
getting injected from a doorway sanitiser to the floor.

What function could i use to make the foam look somewhat realistic?

I have not been able to find any tutorials on that particular subject.

Thank you in advance Smile

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Using Gimp is going to be very hands-on. First find a pattern that suits (not too easy these days where everything has a watermark over printed)

That can fill a selection of the required shape. But then to give a bit of depth, paint around the edges, Use a clip-board brush copied from the pattern.

One thing about the image. Not much in the way of lighting. Needed to give some representation of depth. The only indication is a small shadow on the blue wall box. Put in a weak drop shadow in that direction.

Without spending too much time on it. 


Have you tried Blender ?  That is 3D and there might be a fog or mist or droplet filter that works.

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