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Freezes during scaling
I am aware that this has been mentioned in various ways earlier throughout the forum; however, they are just old enough and I'm not completely sure if they are the same issue that I am having.  

As the subject says my version of gimp seems to ALWAYS freeze while I try to scale my drawing(s).  I thought I found a work around and scale it slowly, but it doesn't help.  At least not for a long substantial time.  

My computer is brand new (relatively speaking.  I bought it back around Feb/March).  It's a gaming computer.  

According to my info.  (Not completely sure what is important). 

16 gb of ram (15.8 useableseale) 

64 bit os 

Windows C drive has 743 GB free of 929 GB 

My CPU usage at this point as I type this:  

I have five apps open (browser with three tabs; GIMP; task manager, system info box; file tab).  
CPU is at 3% usage (changing of course) 
37% memory. 

All in I should have more than enough power to run/keep running the program.  

Using 2.10.22 (the previous version before updating was doing the same thing.  I thought perhaps updating would help).  

I cleaned out my hardrive / junk/ etc.  

I am at a lost of what else to do.  

Thank you advance for any assistance, and as per assistance please keep it noob-level.  I know enough about computers to break them... not fix them after they're broken.  

Big Grin
  • When you scale, do you see any CPU going steady at 100% (ProcessMonitor, Performance tab)?
  • How big is the image in pixels? 
  • How many layers?
  • How much memory does it need (status bar at the bottom of the image window)?
  • How much tile cache size is defined in Preferences>System resources (should be at least 8GB given your RAM)?
  • Is OpenCL enabled (Preferences>System Resources>Hardware Acceleration)?
  • Did you test your hardware?
I'll add one more question:
  • Are you scaling up or down? i.e. are you trying to make your drawing bigger (more pixels) or smaller (less pixels)?

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