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GIMP is exporting and opening really slow
My GIMP all of a sudden has been exporting and opening files really slowly. Been like this for the past couple of days. Not sure why. Even the smallest file takes a couple of seconds. Everything else runs perfectly fine. I have no other issues with my CPU. Just the process of exporting and opening files in GIMP has changed drastically over the past couple of days. I uninstalled and reinstalled GIMP and still am having this issue.

I have seen others with this solution. Some seem to be able to fix it, but I don't see their solution or understand their solution. If someone knows the solution to this and could dumb it down for me. I would really appreciate it.

Currently running GIMP 2.10.30
Windows 10
No reason for Gimp to become slow. Images are likely the biggest files you create, so any I/O problem start showing up with Gimp...  Look for:
  • natively slow output device
  • worn out output device (SSD)
  • fragmented filesystem
  • slower file system (paranoid antivirus, encryption...)
Besides this, if you export to PNG the PNG compression algorithm is quite slow, especially at level 9. In most case, using a much lower compression level is faster while making little difference in file size.

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