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Getting the Tool options back, once for all
So, you have lost the Tool options dialog which is the part of the UI where you can set parameters from the current tool (brush size in the PaintBrush, font in the Text tool, fill type in the bucket...). We are talking about this, the dialog with an easel/chalkboard icon in the tab:


This happens because some unfortunate mouse moves over it detach it from the UI, and when this happens most people just close the dialog instead of re-docking it. The result is, no more Tool options:


You can re-open the dialog with Windows ➤ Dockable dialogs ➤ Tool options. However this opens a "detached" dialog and you have to re-dock it, but there is a simpler way to get it back at the right place. Click the |<| icon on the right of the tab line:


And select Add tab ➤ Tool options


And you are done:


Well, almost, because the Tool options dialog is at the end of the line instead of being at the beginning. If that bothers you, just drag its tab index over the first tab index in the line to move the Tool options tab to the first position.
Now, the Tool options dialog is known to detach somewhat spontaneously, so to avoid further mishaps you can lock it down by:

  1. Making sure it is the displayed tab
  2. Clicking again on the |<| icon,
  3. Clicking the Lock tab to dock entry:

You can also set up Gimp to ensure  that accidental UI changes are not kept between sessions (so you recover your initial layout by restarting Gimp). See this other tutorial for details.
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Quote:"the dialog with a chalkboard icon in the tab:" - Ofnuts.

I hadn't noticed it being a 'chalkboard' until now.

I never really paid much attention, but I thought it was some kind of monitor, a TV set, something like that.

Nice tutorial, answers a recurring question that practically every new Gimp user ends up coming across.
It can even serve as a reference for the other options in 'Dockable dialogs'.

Samj PortableGimp 2.10.28 - Win-10 /64.
It's not a chalkboard, it's a canvas on a wooden easel...


There is an option in GIMP to get your TV having colors (OK,ok, I know where's the exit Big Grin )
Mine looks nothing like a 'chalkboard' or TV
I have two 'paddles' opposite ways. Only one that even resembles a board - 'clipboard' is the buffers icon. Has been the same with all versions of gimp I've had
Oic now. I have always had my icon theme set to legacy so I can know it. This is in symbolic

@Sallyanne, indeed, your theme is on Legacy


Mine is on Color Wink


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