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How To Do Very Basic Stuff?
That is why it was there as an example Wink I did print a sheet off and the dotted letters are faint.

Avoid tampering with the text layer unless you have the font installed. If the font is not found, then any operation on the text layer and it reverts to a default font.

1. Make a new layer from the two. With the text layer active Layer menu -> New from visible. screenshot

2. With that new layer active, use the colour select tool SelectByColor , bump the threshold up to around approx. the 80 mark. Click in the canvas on a black area to select all the black. You should have those 'crawling ants' showing.

3. In the select menu there is a grow selection option. Click on that and set the dialogue to 1 or 2 and ok it.

4. Fill the selection with black. You can click in the black swatch and drag into the canvas.

To finish off Select -> None to kill the selection.

(As an after note and before anyone jumps in and says; use Filters -> Generic -> Erode, that does not work very well with this image)
(11-17-2017, 08:45 AM)Blighty Wrote: Difficult to say without seeing the document

Quote:I've got this document laid out just the way I want it
Is it laid out in Gimp or something else?

Quote:How do increase the blackness of the faint letters
Are they faint because they are grey instead of black? Or faint because they are too small?

Can you post a representative sample of the document.

 It is there. Rich2000 posted it.  See his link there?  Or failing that my document in the thread up there - that is the text I'm talking about.  It has been rearranged but that's it.  How to darken it?  Some printers, some paper, some children's eyesight and diligence it is good enough, others not so.

Woops....  I just posted this and then I see Rich2000 posted an answer himself.  Why didn't it show up when I first looked?  Doesn't matter.  I will now go and read it....   sorry....    Smile

Further Edit:  

O.K., thankyou Rich, I'll get onto it and report how I go.  I know it is called a text layer but surely that's not really text in my document?  It was a scanned (photographed) image I started with.  I didn't construct the document using text fonts from Gimp.   And I think you used my original or did you construct from the beginning?  I didn't know...

Final Edit:   Well I've done it.  Worked beautifullly and easily thanks to the excellent and painstaking guidance for which I owe many thanks.  Thank you.  Smile

I didn't print out yet but I can see it will do the job and of course if it doesn't suit I now know what to do.   But it will.


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