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JPG turned dark
I have been having a problem with JPG files exported via GIMP.   The thumbnail  (always) and sometimes also the actual JPG file once opened in other applications or back in GIMP turns very dark, as if brightness was turned nearly all the way down.   

Any ideas what setting I need to change or what I may be doing wrong?
Is this using Windows or Linux (you have both listed) ?
Which version of Gimp 2.8 are you using ? (use Help -> About)
Which 'other applications' are used ? Do they modify the image ?
Can you attech one of the 'dark' jpegs
Happens to me all the time. Make sure you add a white background layer before exporting. I think if you export from drawing + transparent background, it will replace transparency with black.
Although it's talking about the opposite problem , you might want to consider this thread:

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