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Python script support missing in my 2.10.22 install
At least in my Xubuntu 18.04 installation, it's not there anymore (2.10.22 on Win 10 looks normal). I upgraded from 2.10.14 to 2.1.22 yesterday via PPA and it doesn't appear to have any support for Python plugins. The entire Python-Fu entry is missing from the Filters menu and other python actions are gone (e.g., Filters | Web | Slice). I had installed Resynthesizer and the scripts are still there in my profile directory but they're not visible in Gimp either.

I found more than a few similar occurrences online (not limited to 2.10.22) and some referenced installing gimp-python but apt says it doesn't exist. No solution yet - Any idea what's missing?

Using Panda Jim's PPA and 'bionic' ? The default for bionic is Gimp 2.8

Gimp 2.10.14 from the now frozen otto-kesselgulasch PPA also contains the 2.10 gimp-python packages.  When that PPA goes, then so does gimp-python.

Unfortunately Panda Jim's does not contain the gimp-python packages.  You can try this procedure  It should work with bionic but no guarantees, might break packages.

I am still mainly using kubuntu 18.04. Kept Gimp 2.10.14 and use the Gimp 2.10.22 appimage most of the time.  If I get time I will try a xubuntu 18.04 (VM), see what the snags are Wink


Nope: not going to work, apart from a 404 downloading the deb packages (I have those archived) needs a later version of libc6

Thinking about it, xubuntu comes with synaptic and you can install python-gtk from there


Then all is needed is the gimp-python package (attached, unzip it)


Working here:


If you want to try the appimage it is here:

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Since my post last night, I went back to the otto-kesselgulasch PPA and eventually got 2.1-.14 installed and working ...including G'MIC based on instructions from, I believe you, elsewhere - thanks! I manually added the gimp-plugin-registry and it all seems to work now except for Resynthesizer which is giving errors that appear to be 32-64-bit mismatch related. I'll work on that later. During the apt install / remove shenanigans, I managed to break a few other apps (clementine, youtube2mp3, etc.) but they're all working again now except for the YT converter. Task for another day...

I'll probably stick here with Gimp until I upgrade Xubuntu unless something ready made (flatpak?) comes along that's compelling enough to act upon.

Personally I would not use gimp-plugin-registry package, apart from installing a whole load of old scripts and plugins just for the one you want, as you found some do not work.

I use this one: resynthesizer
Latest gimp_gmic_qt that works with bionic :

Flatpak, being sandboxed I found it a bit limiting, although some bespoke flatpak plugins have been added since I last used it, resynthesizer / gmic / BIMP
That is why I use the 2.10.22 appimage
Yep, that was the GMIC I snagged - Works great. I'll try to resynthesizer.

I'm not deeply knowledgeable about flatpak vs. the alternatives since I've not used them much. I like the idea of an app having everything it needs, but it wastes space and can make maintenance more fragmented (e.g., upgrades of common dependencies across multiple apps). But I need to learn more. It's basically the same old dynamic vs. static linkage argument that's been going on for decades.


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