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RE: Wacom tablet with Gimp?
Inspired by frustration with trying to get Gimp to shake hands with my Wacom Intuos 3 pen tablet, I went searching for another software that would accomplish my simple goals without so much monkey business.

I discovered a possible interesting solution that I'm trying called SAI (
Gimp does a lot of cool stuff, but my simple desire to draw an ink line that shifted in thickness based on the stylus pressure seemed to be an insurmountable task, not to mention all the hoop-jumping just to get Wacom and Gimp to talk

SAI immediately made friends with Wacom, including the simple line drawing feature I was after. It also handles most if not all of the features that Gimp does.

It's not totally free, but the price (around $70 I think) is a far cry from having to rent Photoshop or Painter (idiotic concept)

Herewith, a simple quick sketch demonstrating the line feature. This incorporated layers, saves in native file format as well as Photoshop and the usuals (this is a jpg)

[Image: 19105943_10155369372828431_6319540712753...e=59D23EBC]

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