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Release candidate #1 for Gimp 2.10 is out!
To everyone.

Before complaining that xyz function does not work, have a good hard look at your own procedures. Who knows, you might be doing something wrong or misunderstand the purpose of the function. But then of course everyone is infallible and it is always the fault of (in descending order) Application / Operating System / Computer Hardware.

Layerfx not working? without a solid background.

Well, seems ok here.

[Image: zFhbSNw.jpg]


[Image: hD7mq5J.jpg]

Not a script that I routinely use. For example an inner glow. Start with a selection, add a layer, stroke the selection (with a mode) which would get you to this:

[Image: 1iYdN0q.jpg]

Then adjust opacity, more blur, change layer modes. All can be done on the canvas in Gimp 2.10 so you see exactly the end result. No guessing. No third party script.
Grit pointed out a plugin, stroke path with taper c.2009 see:
and I do not recall ever coming across it. I am sure plenty will have.

so, playing with it, made a 'river monster' not very scary Wink

[Image: RebO2QA.jpg]

To loop in and out the water, I broke the path up. Did not work the way I expected. Each segment of the path tailed out.

But that might work out nicely for an emblem, normally I would go to Inkscape for this, but using hands-on-Gimp some little logo like this is easy. I think there is some other script that also does this - but WTH.

[Image: GNP0rYx.jpg]

have a nice day Wink
I have a path-stroke-strokes-with-fade script in my collection, never thought about publishing it.

One result:

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