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Rotate Canvas not image?
Really what I'm trying to do is rotate the canvas without rotating the image.  I do this in my other software, but trying to do it in gimp.

I want to take a horizontal image, rotate the canvas to vertical and then enlarge the original horizontal image to fit the vertical canvas.

I've tried for an hour to figure out how....not so far.

It's easy enough to resize the canvas to vertical format, but then I can't make the image by itself bigger to fit the canvas.

Any help is appreciated.
Layer>Layer to image size will enlarge a layer to give it the size of the canvas.
The whole thing in two minutes
(10-11-2020, 05:00 PM)Ofnuts Wrote: Layer>Layer to image size will enlarge a layer to give it the size of the canvas.

(10-11-2020, 05:27 PM)rich2005 Wrote: The whole thing in two minutes
Gone. OP said I can't watch the video over and over - well 2 views and one of those was me - I wonder why I bother

Thanks for the info.  I'll check it out.
I'm not getting this.  Maybe I'm not explaining it right....and I can't watch the video over and over.  I have limited data.  So I'm putting up this image to explain what I'm trying to do.  I haven't adjusted the image yet.  I just threw it in to show what I'm trying to do first.

[Image: canvas change.jpg]

Do I crop the image to the aspect ratio first, then resize the canvas?
I don't understand why you change the orientation of the canvas.
I think it is enough to crop the image only and the canvas will be automatically reset to the dimensions of the cropped image.

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As my video, I can not see anything ambiguous there.

1. Make a selection around the central object. You might use the free select for this or because of the long-narrow-ish shape, a rectangular select to cover the area when the background is rotated. Although a scale up was mentioned in the original post.
2. Copy the contents of the selection. Edit -> Copy
3. Paste that as a new layer. Edit -> Paste As -> New Layer
4. Make the backgound layer active.
5. Use the Rotate Tool, click on the canvas to bring up the dialogue, enter 90 (or -90 for clockwise) and okay that.
6. The background layer is rotated but the extremities are outside the canvas size
7. Use Image -> Fit Canvas to layers
8. Back to the pasted layer and do whatever you want with that, depending on how the initial selection was made there might be a border visible. If there is try the clone tool with a fuzzy brush or maybe the smudge tool.
9. Then it looks like you want to rotate it back. Merge the layers Layers -> Merge Down
10. Rotate as before
11. Image to layer size as before.
There are easier ways than rotating the layer(s)
ok, re-look at your post and I think this is what you want. (As krikor posted)

Use the crop tool, with "delete cropped pixels" / "fixed aspect ratio" / aspected ratio set to 16:20
Draw in the crop and position.


Click in the canvas to crop
Resize to suit. Image -> Scale Image with width / height linked (should be default)

Thank you much. I appreciate you posting the details here. I just couldn't watch the video with my limit Internet data.

I'll try this today.
Yes the crop method worked.  The one thing I wasn't getting was setting the size or aspect in the crop tool.  In my version (2.10.20 for Win7-64 bit) the menus are different, and you can only set pixels not inches, but that's fine.  When you do the crop however, the image shrinks and you have to scale it backup to what I wanted.
The original JPG was 2848-hpxl x 4288-wpxl and I made it 4288-hpxl x 3369-wpxl.
It's a D2Xs so it's an older sensor size.  DX, not FX.

Thanks, I appreciate it.

I've got all the lighting, color and highlights/shadow adjustment down, so the only other issue I'm running into is how to sharpen the entire image....just a tiny bit.

(10-11-2020, 06:35 PM)rich2005 Wrote: The whole thing in two minutes
[quote pid='20313' dateline='1602437250']
Gone.  OP said  I can't watch the video over and over - well 2 views and one of those was me - I wonder why I bother


Sorry Rich, I tried to explain, but kept it short.  My only internet comes from my smartphone.  I use its wireless to use either my laptop or tower.  I only have 16 gigs of data per month and run it to the limit nearly every month.  I just installed a new partition for win7-64 bit and had to download some softwares to install on it like gimp 2.10.20 and others, so I'm just low on data and can't watch the video but one time....and I had to watch it in another OS because the OS (and partition) I use to work on images, is not connected to the internet.

I appreciate your effort, but I can't watch much video or I'll run out of data before the end of the month.


The text explanation did the trick.  It's much easier for me to C&P your text explanation and images, into Word and open it in the other OS.  Sorry, that's the only way I can do it.

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